You’re either one of those guys who thinks he’s really cool but he’s actually not, or one of those who knows he isn’t but tries his damnedest. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Or perhaps, are you one of the few modern-day heroes who is actually cool but is looking for new ways to up his status? No matter which tribe you belong to, you’ve come to the right place. Achieving ultimate coolness requires skill, hard work and of course, trial and error, and I’m here to bestow unto you the five essential steps you need to follow in order to become the coolest version of yourself. Read on, thank me later. 

Add a bit of variety

Scratch that, add a lot of variety. In our modern day and age of perpetual mediocrity and the incessant need to fit a certain label and a certain mould in order to portray a universally acceptable image, men seem to have lost their uniqueness and personality. If you try to float everyone’s boat, you’re going to end up crashing into the waves. You need to be a different man! That doesn’t mean you should strap on a cowboy hat and go on a rodeo, that means you want to introduce new details and accessories into your wardrobe, make them a part of your personal brand, and stand out from the crowd. Think pocket squares, ruggedy men’s bracelets and even cool necklaces bearing Old Norse motifs or something unbelievably manly like that. Don’t just settle for a plain t-shirt and jeans, accessorise your look. A word of caution though, less is often more, so refrain from decorating yourself like a Christmas tree. 

Badassery is a skill

It’s not easy being cool, but it’s even harder being a badass. Now, it’s one thing to be a badass and another to be a douchebag, but the two are separated only by a thin red line of value and virtue. One of the best ways to become a true badass is to take up a sport, specifically, a martial art. Knowing how to defend yourself (and your date if need be) is immensely attractive to both men and women, plus the exercise will tone your physique and make you more confident than ever before. Fighting not only keeps you fit, but it moulds you into a true gentleman believe it or not, so joining one of the numerous MMA classes should be your next step towards establishing coolness. 

The way you walk

Speaking of being fit and able, stand up straight! Body language is one of the key elements that will determine your level of coolness so make sure you work on your posture. Practice sitting up straight at your desk, walking tall with confidence and complete the look with a ravishing smile and an enchanting gaze. 

And the way you talk

There is a fine line between being a considered cool and being a douchebag. If there is a timeless piece of advice you must follow, it is to talk clearly, confidently and only if you have something meaningful to say.  Meaningful doesn’t mean scrutinising the weather, meaningful means talking about art, science, culture, the universe. Luckily, the internet is your encyclopaedia, so get reading and enrich your mind with truly interesting information men and women will love you for

Respect thyself

All of the steps above have been leading to this final step. Respect is both given and received. Respect is earned. Being cool is about carrying yourself with pride and positivity, it’s about respecting others at all times and in return, respect will be given back in kind.  So smile, as not many people do. Listen more than you talk, as not many people do. Respect everyone around you, as not many people do. Being cool doesn’t mean what it used to, or what mass media would want you to believe it means. Being cool is an art form as much as it is a combination of skills and virtues, so be sure to follow these essential steps and you will become the epitome of cool in the modern age.